Audit Committee The Audit Committee is established to represent and assist the Board in the oversight and monitoring of: QIWI Global’s accounting and financial reporting processes and the auditing of QIWI Global’s financial statements The integrity of QIWI Global’s financial statements QIWI Global’s internal accounting and financial controls QIWI Global’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the independent auditors’ qualifications, independence and performance
Compensation Committee The Compensation Committee is established for the following purposes: Provide the oversight of QIWI Global’s compensation policies, plans and benefits programs; Fulfill the Board’s responsibilities relating to oversight of the compensation of the CEO and executive officers Evaluate, approve and administrate QIWI Global’s compensation plans, policies and programs, including its equity compensation plans Seek to ensure that QIWI Global structures its compensation plans, policies and programs to attract and retain the best available personnel for positions of substantial responsibility with QIWI Global, to provide incentives for such persons to perform to the best of their abilities for QIWI Global and to promote the success of QIWI Global
Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee The Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee is established for the following proposes: Assessing the strategic development plans, business plans, major financing and investment proposals and other material issues that affect the development of QIWI Global and its subsidiaries Defining top-priority areas, strategic targets and major principles of strategic development of QIWI Global and its subsidiaries Defining strategic priorities and guidelines for sustainable development and monitoring the implementation of the Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, or the ESG strategy.